Aran Public Library
A Private Library Made Public For Kids in Keremeos, BC
Aran Public Library

This project was dreamed up by our son Aran when we lived in Sechelt and moved with us to Keremeos..

He was very lucky that one of our best friends owned a used book store and he was constantly bombarded with new books to read. He decided that he now had enough books to start his own library and loan them out to kids who loved to read too. Did we mention it's 100% "free".

So Many Titles, So Little Time.

There are small books, big books, books for little kids and books for big kids. It even has a large selection of National Geographics.

There are no real loan rules but he does ask you eventually bring the books back so others have the chance to read them.

Yet Another One!

There are always new books arriving some we buy and some just appear on the doorstep ready to be loaned out once they have been read.

Come by with your child and have coffee on the deck while your child looks for that special book hidden away somewhere in the stack to take home for a couple of weeks.

There is nothing quite so rewarding as watching your child read a book.